Hi! My name is Miriam Brait and I’m a copywriter and content writer.

But between us two, I’m actually a storyteller.

I believe in helping companies attract clients by providing them educational content and wowing them with a dream solution.

No matter what industry we work in, we all sell the hope of an accomplished dream, from whiter teeth to a higher social status that comes with buying the newest luxury vehicle.  

I feel blessed. I get to work from wherever I want. It could be my bed, a coffee shop, or a tree house.

But it wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was “trapped” in my parent’s house and racking my brain trying to figure out how to grow my own business and attract more clients.

I realized that all the books I was reading and the hours I spent researching case studies didn’t teach me any common sense. What I needed to do was walk a mile in the shoes of my clients.

My clients weren’t easily persuaded by magical templates or clickbait email subjects. They were simply people who wanted to see tangible results.

This breakthrough caused me to shift my focus from trying to persuade clients and send cold emails into transforming my website into a lead magnet by offering real value that demonstrates my expertise in the field.

If your treat your client as just a sale, you lose the game. But once you reintroduce the human element, you start focusing on bringing in results.

This is what I want to help you do as well. My aim is to show your potential clients that you’re trustworthy and capable of solving their problems without driving them away with scammy and deceiving advertising.

My Approach

I use the same concept in my writing. When you focus on bringing in results, the writing becomes a little bit more complicated.

I research audiences. I identify problems, and I come up with solutions.

Whether it’s content writing or copywriting, I always keep the reader in the back of my mind.

Would my buyer persona be interested in reading something like this? Would Jane put her sandwich aside for 3 minutes to get through my blog post? Would she be bored, or would she find it interesting?

These questions helped my clients from falling into the “create content for SEO” or “create content for the sake of creating content” trap. Instead, I always focus on having a clear image of who my reader is and how I can leave a good impression and build a strong connection.

Often times, I found that businesses have to be more human to reach humans.

My Advice to You

Confess, address objections, speak about pros and cons, and do your best to speak with sincerity.

Most businesses just close the sale and off they go. But making a good impression by helping customers makes your story contagious. They will let their friends, family, and coworkers know about you.

It could be a blog, an ebook, or video content. When you take your time to help them out without asking for anything in return, you earn their trust and start conversations.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in how can I help you, let me know a little bit about your business and your vision. Reach out to me directly by filling out a form on here.

Or you can head over to my blog to check free advice on SEO, content marketing, and much more!