Ovasitol—the Safe Fix for Your PCOS

By Miriam Brait


Millions of women have to deal with the exhausting effects of hormonal imbalances, whether it is difficulty getting pregnant, severe acne, hirsutism, or hair loss.

Everything seems to work upside down in the bodies of women suffering of PCOS. Some of these women come out now as “bearded ladies” and others try to fight discrimination against women suffering of alopecia “bald and beautiful”.

It’s either too much hair, or too little hair—not to mention the acne and the creams that seem to pile up in bathroom cabinets of women. Many of these women spend their time online searching for “herbal treatments” for their infertility and libido.

The Need for Treatment

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder caused by elevated androgen levels in women. 

Even though some women manage to mask their acne with foundation or fight against their hair loss with Minoxidil and against the extra hairs with IPl, what happens inside their bodies is even scarier.

PCOS can lead to an array of degenerative ailments, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, depression, endometrial cancer, and obesity.

The cause of PCOS is not well known. It is thought that a combination of genetics and environmental factors have contributed to the increase of PCOS cases in women. The syndrome is the most common metabolic disorder found in women, affecting approximately one in three women. 

Swallowing the Pill That Kills

While attempting to combat the disorder, many women ignore the long-term effects of medications on their body. 

Women suffering of PCOS often receive hormonal treatments, which merely mask the issues instead of treating them. Examples of these treatments include “the pill” and androgen blockers. The dangerous side effects of not only harm your body in the long-term, but after you stop taking the treatment, your hormones are twice as confused, since your body wasn’t naturally stimulated to create them but instead was fed man-made hormones. Once the body becomes accustomed to receiving hormones from an external source, it no longer feels the need to produce its own. 

Few doctors mention the risks that come with taking the birth control pill. They don’t mention how tricking your body into being constantly pregnant harms you. The don’t mention how taking the pill puts you at a higher risk for heart attacks, blood cloths, and many other dangerous health complications.

A Safe Alternative

In the search for answers regarding one of the causes of PCOS, Italians researchers discovered that PCOS is liked to a Inositol deficiency.

There are actually nine types of Inositol, but women suffering from PCOS should be primarily interested in two: Myo-Inositol (MYO) and D-Chiro-Inositol (DCI).

Studies show that MYO and DCI are effective in improving ovarian function and metabolism of patients with PCOS. However, it is important to note that Myo-Inositol shows to be more effective in normalizing a slow metabolism, whereas D-Chiro-Inositol reduces androgen levels.

This powerful blends helps women like you fight naturally, attacking the root cause of PCOS. By lowering your androgens, this blend reduces the impact of hair loss, acne and hirsutism while normalizing your metabolism, which will help you lose those extra pounds that take so long to go away.

These two forms of Inositol have insulin sensitizing capabilities, as they work with the insulin receptors, which is important to keep in mind because insulin resistance plays a huge part in PCOS. Actually, a growing theory amongst the medical community is that by normalizing the insulin production, one can reduce abdominal fat, thereby reducing diabetes and heart disease risk.

Now that you know what can help you, what are you going to do?

Ovasitol–The High Quality Bargain

Your first impulse is to probably go to the supermarket and grab a bunch of vitamin B complex pills, but that is expensive. You would need to take 8 pills per day to satisfy your body’s needs. Even if you would choose that path, it would still be a shot in the dark.

The ideal option is a supplement that mimics the body’s ratio of MYO and DCI (40:1). And there is only one supplement on the market that accomplishes just that, while being completely affordable: Ovasitol. 

Even though Ovasitol is the first supplement that combines the two inositol forms in one blend, many women with PCOS have tried to combine supplements on their own.

Ovaboost and Chiral Balance are two supplements that contain the two forms of Inositol. However, together they cost over $200 for 3 months worth of supplementation. On the other hand, Ovasitol costs $78 for 3 months worth of supplementation.

Certifications and Safety

Theralogix, a trustworthy company with a team of leading endocrinologists, gynecologists, and reproductive specialists, produces Ovasitol, which was vetted by NSF® International (a non-profit certification program) for purity of its substances, content accuracy, and freedom from contaminants.

Most supplements are relatively unregulated. However, monitoring reassures the everyone that the supplements are safe and they contain what it says on the label.

Where Can I Buy It From?

The supplement can be found both on Amazon and on PCOS Diva Store, a website dedicated to informing and giving support to women suffering of PCOS.