Book Characters That You Relate To: A Guide for Millennials  

By Miriam Brait


By the looks of it, those of us born after the 80’s are doomed. We still stay with our parents, or if we don’t, our flat is a wreck. We never clean. We drink too much. We act like we are trying to stretch extend our adolescence into our adulthood.

Are we this bad? Where do we belong, in a world that sees us so alien?

Fortunately, there were other “Millennials” who were “born” way before the 80’s—and they lived and acted just like us. But if you want to meet them, it’s to hit the library.

Gone With the Wind – Meet the Grandma of Selfies, Scarlet O'Hara

Sure, she didn’t actually take any selfies, but she was quite the prom queen. She loved parties and found reading to be a dull activity. 

Well aware of her charms, she used her own beauty regimen before seeking her prey, not from beauty guru on Youtube using expensive products, just the cheap& easy way: by pinching her cheeks to appear more rosy and biting her lips.

While not everyone can relate, it does say something to the most ambitious fellow who fought against the establishment while suffering from homesickness.

If you aren’t a big reader, like Scarlet, I recommend the movie with Vivien Leigh as main actress. If you do enjoy reading, the two volumes will pass by like they’re gone with the wind.

Jane Eyre- a Book for All Nerdy and Chubby Girls out There Fighting for Social Justice

Come on, isn’t Jane Eyre that movie with the struggling girl dressed in catholic school attire? That’s not me!

Well, that’s one part of the story, but the other is about a woman who doesn’t get along with her family. She riots and fights the beauty standards of her time.

When Jane says “Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless?” it carries the same sentiment as the “Healthy at Every Size” campaigns. We all have equal rights and should be protected against discrimination, no matter what discrimination it is.

Crime and Punishment – Doing Good, Blindfolded

You may have heard about Crime and Punishment. After all, it is one of the most read novels every written. However, maybe something you never thought of before is how us Millennials relate to it.

With the rise of social media, it is so easy to jump to quick judgments or adopt a new trend while trying to make a difference.

Most of us like to believe that in one way or another we contribute to shaping the world around us. We may feel strongly about a certain politician, or we might be advocates of certain movements.

But like Raskolnikov, we have to judge everything with acritical eye because sooner or later we will face the consequences of our actions—even if we are just trying to make the world around us a better place

Do you have a book that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!