How to Really Make Your Laptop Work Faster (for Windows Users)

By Miriam Brait


Hi there, annoyed user. I’m here to help you get the most out of that old mule.

By now you probably read about disk defragmentation. Some poor IT guy in need of a few extra bucks told you that you should definitely try that. Too bad it doesn’t work.

You also probably heard that deleting big files will be the solution to your slow computer woes. However, as long as those aren’t open and you still have a decent amount your free space on your hard drive, that method won’t work either.

Since you now have a firm grasp of what doesn’t work, let’s take a look at some of the things that do.

1. Closing The Tab

Do you enjoy multitasking or jumping from one thing to another, to the point that you joke about having ADHD? Unfortunately, you need to take it easy from now on.

Having too many windows open at once can severely impact the performance of your machine. For example, my old laptop with 2 GB of RAM starts freezing if I open more than 3 tabs at once. 

2. Get Ugly

Once upon a time, you spent a decent amount of time browsing themes for your machine that would show off your personality, increase your efficiency (stay away from reds), or keep you cheerful.

Those fun times are over. One of the best things you can do to increase your machine’s performance is to change the theme to a basic one from Control Panel.

Right now, I work using the Windows classic theme. It isn’t pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but you know what they say—it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

I agree with that statement. I love what it does to the speed of my laptop, and I think you will love it too. 

3. For All the Chrome Lovers out There

I like Chrome, a lot. It has so many things I can play with, including calendars, notebooks, beautiful themes and of course my Grammarly. But the truth is that Chrome is a glutton for your machine’s resources.

I don’t know how you feel, but I often think I need to diet. So is my laptop that gets heated so badly after prolonged use of Chrome.

A decent, lightweight alternative that is friendly to your computer’s resources is Opera.

I know what you’re thinking. “But It doesn’t even support my favorite aps!”

Well, tough luck. But it sure does keep your laptop working smoothly.



This might sound a little bit drastic, but since you already switched to Windows Classic theme, you might as well embrace the hipster trend completely.

Yes, the many icons you have on your desktop are slowing you down.

You can easily find programs and files simply by searching in the Windows search bar.

5. Santa Said No New Software This Year 

No, you won’t get the latest version of Photoshop. You won’t even get the latest version of Word. And that’s not because you were quite the rascal this year. Rather, Santa just decided to do your laptop a favor.

The newer versions aren’t made for your 2012 machine. They are made for modern hardware.

The truth is that your laptop, no matter what you do, might not run as smoothly while using software that requires a lot of RAM.

A Few Other Things You Can Try

You may want to install CCleaner, a program that manages how many programs are running in the background when you open your laptop, it deletes temporally files and many other that may slow you down.

Instead of paying some IT guy to make wonders with your slow machine or reinstall your windows, save that money in your pig bank for some RAM upgrade.

You can’t do wonders with an old machine, but like me, you learned to adapt.. until the laptop you ordered from Amazon arrives.

Don’t stress out! And don’t forget to close the tab.