What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 

SEO is the process webmasters use to improve their visibility in organic search engine results. In other words, SEO refers to the steps that you as a business owner should take to ensure that your website ranks well on search engines such as Google. 

Why is SEO Important? 

Many small businesses overlook SEO, and this is costing them a lot of money. Simply put, the higher your website ranks on Google, the better the odds that your prospective customers can find your site and, well, BUY FROM YOU! How can you make sales if your customer can't find your site when they google the services you offer?

Implementing a well-informed SEO strategy is one of the most cost-efficient, potent ways to grow your business. But simply being aware of the importance of SEO will not get you far. You need direction. You need a plan. 

The Blue Writers Formula For Clicks: Our Comprehensive Approach to SEO

Google changes its algorithm all the time, and we at Blue Writers are well are well aware of this. Any digital marketing firm that is serious about SEO must stay informed about Google's newest changes. And we read about SEO—a lot! Staying on top of the most effective SEO strategies of 2017 is not easy, but it is one of the biggest keys to success. 

At Blue Writers, we use our extensive knowledge of SEO to offer a two-step approach that is guaranteed to increase brand visibility, obtain more leads, and make more sales. Our research and analysis will improve the growth of your business. The two steps to the Blue Writer Formula for Clicks are simple but effective: 1.) scope out the most relevant keywords and 2.) create content that not only features those keywords but is also ridiculously engaging. 

Step 1


Scope Out Keywords

The first step of any successful SEO strategy is keyword research. You cannot overlook it. It is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of success for every businesses operating on the web. Our keyword analysis involves a detailed review of the top 10 keywords you should be targeting. We use a handful of research tools, including Google Adwords, to narrow down our list of keywords and help you target them before your competitors ever get a chance. 

Step 2


Optimize Content

The quality of the content on your page is just as important as the quality of the keywords that you choose target. SEO doesn't mean carelessly splattering keywords all over your page—that won't get you far. Rather, our approach to optimization involves strategically and systematically balancing effective keywords with effective content. Featuring engaging content that keeps visitors on your page improves your rank on Google. We will use the keywords obtained from our analysis to craft irresistible content for your audience. 

The Results

Increased Brand Visibility

Increased Quality of Leads


Increased Conversion Rate


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